Senior Photography Session in Houston

Congratulations, Senior! You’re so close to crossing the finish line and starting the next, new chapter of your life. Celebrate your accomplishments with Natural Expressions Photography with a senior photos session in Houston. We pride ourselves on capturing your most authentic self and making memories that last for you to share with your loved ones on your graduation day. 

Take Some Time To Think About Who You Are

Gosh, that’s deep! Truthfully, though. If you brainstorm some words, colors, or traits you feel best describes who you are at this point in time, we can use that to best capture who you are in your senior photos session. We are experienced senior portrait photographers in Houston; we understand how unique everyone is and how you want that to come through on your Graduation day. Think it over and let us know so we can take pictures you’ll be sure to love.

Dress Your Best For Your

When deciding on what to wear for your senior portrait session in Houston, pick an outfit that you feel represents who you are at this time in your life. Dress well, feel good! Wear something that makes you feel confident, creative, and casual—or formal! These are your senior photos and you should do what you like, pending Mom’s approval of course.

Wear Something Versatile

You could bring multiple outfits to your senior photo session, or keep it simple by having one article of clothing you can work multiple outfits around. Guys: consider wearing a favorite tee shirt under your button-down. Ladies: layer your outfit with a fun jacket or blazer for a pop of professionalism in your photos, then shrug it off for a more casual look. This way, you can have a variety of photos without worrying about so many outfits. Don’t forget that you may want to wear something dressed-up that can get dirty.

Have A Uniform You Want A Senior Photo In?

If you are someone who holds an organization close to your heart and you want to wear your uniform in your photos, we encourage it! Eagle Scouts can wear their uniform over a tee shirt or easily slip your graduation gown over your outfit to take professionally photographed graduation photos.

Have A Prop?

Regardless of if it is a musical instrument or a journal, we can find ways to incorporate it into your photos naturally. We are called Natural Expressions after all.

Careful Of That Haircut…

While we understand you want to look your best, whether that means fresh highlights in your hair or trying contact lenses for the first time, we wouldn’t want you to make any decisions that might affect your confidence right before your session. We recommend that you try not to make any big changes right before your senior photo session in Houston so as to avoid any last-minute worries or frustration. If you are sure you want a brand new hairdo or try an all-new style before your photos, that’s great! If it is something you’re trying for the first time, though, that could impact how you feel you look in your photos, please keep that in mind. Either give yourself plenty of time to adjust to this new change or make last-minute fixes well in advance if needed so we can take photos you’ll be sure to love for years!

Have A Location In Mind? Let Us Know!

Natural Expressions has been in the business of senior portraits since 1986. We can recommend the best spots for senior pictures in Houston easily. If there is a specific location you would like to take your senior photos in, though, tell us! These photos are all about who you are at this point in time and where you are headed. Your Graduation day should be all about you!


Need a Senior Portrait Photographer in Houston? Contact Natural Expressions today to get started. We have offered quality senior portrait sessions in Houstons for over 30 years!