Your senior graduation is a momentous and memorable period of your life, marking the transition from high school to early adulthood. For this reason, many graduating seniors and their families invest in a portrait photographer to document the achievement, providing a visual timestamp of their progression from one life stage to another. Senior portraits are an eternal reminder of this exciting time, and although any picture is worth a thousand words, it’s important to consider best practices for maximizing the outcome of a photo shoot’s final product. 

Whether you’re perfectly comfortable in front of a camera or still learning which poses and angles you prefer to emphasize, there are a number of practical and technical tips to keep in mind when planning for your senior portrait session. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your time with your photographer, and be sure to call Natural Expressions in Houston to book your senior portrait session — graduation day will be here before you know it!

Bring Multiple Outfit Options

Depending on who you choose to work with, your photographer may recommend that you bring multiple outfits with you on the day of your shoot. Not all photography studios can accommodate outfit changes, but most do. At our Houston photography studio, we generally recommend that seniors bring three to four outfits in a range of colors and at least one ensemble incorporating a bolder pattern. 

Although we want you to feel your best during your portrait session, try not to consider only your favorite garments and color schemes. When planning your outfits, strive to include a variety of dress codes, ranging from casual to semi-formal to outdoor apparel. For each of these outfits, you’ll also want to select a unique accessory or two to accentuate the look. And it goes without saying, but your shoes should be thoroughly cleaned in advance!

Don’t Overdo The Makeup

Having your picture professionally taken may feel like a high-pressure situation, and it’s not uncommon for girls to wear a bit more makeup than they normally would to ensure that the end result looks “good enough.” But the purpose of a senior portrait is to represent who you truly are as a person and at this time in your academic career, so don’t feel a need to cover up or hide any features you might not feel comfortable having photographed. 

Wearing too much makeup, especially powder-based products like foundation and eyeshadow, can actually show up more visibly when photographed with a high-resolution camera. Your senior photos will come out looking more natural, authentic, and beautiful if you stick to minimal makeup coverage — or skip it altogether!

Practice Poses

Because camera lenses don’t “see” in the same way that the natural eye does, it’s often necessary to adjust your body position to produce a more visually appealing image. 

When working with a photographer at Natural Expressions, you may receive tips and suggestions on how to angle your arms, legs, torso, and head to produce the best possible shot. Even if it feels a bit odd at times to pull back your elbow or stand with one foot further in front, remember that your photographer is only giving you these cues to produce the greatest representation of your wonderful self. And if you’re still not certain that your poses are enhancing the quality of the portrait, your photographer is more than happy to show you the shots as they’re taken. 

Schedule Your Senior Portraits in Houston Now!

Graduation is just around the corner, and appointments for senior portraits are filling up quickly. To make sure you get your session booked and that you receive your photos before you receive your diploma, please reach out to Natural Expressions now! We provide high-quality, affordable portrait photography to the greater Houston area, and we offer a variety of memorable products to accompany your shoot, including collages, wall prints, and more!